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Mega Buds – The self proclaimed ‘Yield Kings’ was formed with the desire and philosophy of producing high yielding strains without sacrificing great quality! Using some of the early 90’s classics Critical Mass, Super Skunk, and Big Bud combined with latest hybrid varieties from across the globe.

Chris and Liam, Mega Buds two owners only ever had one vision, Go Big or Go Home! With over 20 years growing and breeding experience they began their journey doing something they both loved.

“Its really simple! If you are investing time, money and your passion into growing, you want the maximum return. That means you want massive yields of top quality buds; hey, so do we. Since day one our goal has been to find the best genetic lines and bring them to their full size potential. It’s only ever been about 2 things: The best quality with the biggest yield.”

You want big and bold genetics? Then you’re in the right place! Mega Buds have developed some of the best yielding genetics in the business!

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Showing all 6 results