French Touch Seeds

French Touch cannabis seedbank

French Touch Seeds have established themselves to become one of the most popular breeders in Europe despite been a relatively new seed bank.

Ethics to both the culture and the environment are high on French Touch agenda. They are keen to ensure that nothing that they use to cultivate their superb range of cannabis seeds is detrimental to the surrounding environment.

Keen for customers to receive healthy, easy to cultivate seeds, French Touch not only preserve traditional strains but also find new, unique landraces from around the world. This ensures that their comprehensive library of seeds is a perfect mix of modern and classic strains.

A collective of experienced and passionate breeders French Touch are very well versed in producing the best strains available. However, what stands out is their willingness to listen to their customers. Through feedback French Touch can offer strains for all scenarios from indoor, outdoor cultivation, regular, feminized and auto varieties making them the ideal breeder for most kinds of growers.

These popular cannabis seeds are only sold through a limited number of seedbanks and Coffee Shop Seeds are proud to be amongst these select few for the breeder who is taking the cannabis community by storm.

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