Burning Bush Nurseries

Burning Bush Nuseries

Burning Bush Nurseries began in November 2011, San Francisco. A time when the city was over flowing in cannabis growers to the point where the market became saturated with marijuana.

Quickly realising that the best way to not only survive but to flourish was to sell baby plants to the influx of new growers that were flooding in to the city. Transitioned from being a flower grower into being a clone provider the founder decided to make his own brand – Burning Bush.

They quickly developed a reputation for quality. The most popular strain at Burning Bush is undoubtedly Suzie-Q. It’s a high CBD strain that boasts a 59-to-1 (CBD-to-THC) ratio in laboratory testing, with 14.96% CBD to 0.25% THC. Making it one of the most sought-after CBD strains in existence. As research continues into the applications of medical cannabis, this strain could soar to amazing heights. For the very best in medically rich, top shelf strains and Cannabis cup winning look no further for your Cannabis Seeds than Burning Bush Nurseries.

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