The Real Seed Company

The Real Seed Company specialises in landrace strain Cannabis seeds. A group of seed collectors focused on pure, authentic landraces from Asia – The original homeland of Cannabis and its most crucial centre of biodiversity. They directly source seeds from historic centres of cultivation such as the Hindu Kush, India, Lebanon, Nepal, and Thailand.

“Landraces are a crucial repository of biodiversity, wild populations even more so, and our ultimate goal is for these seeds to be preserved long-term and for any research findings based on them to be freely available to all.”

The Real Seed Company only sell seeds that are ex-situ reproductions of the originals and do not sell hybrid or feminised cannabis seeds.

All Real Seed company seeds are sold in protective packaging which is well-suited to long-term storage through refrigeration with silica gel, the best method to maintain these invaluable plants for our emerging post-prohibition era.

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