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Purple City Genetics (PCG) is an award winning leader in California’s regulated cannabis sector, bringing together a mix of cannabis archivists, breeders and cultivators.

In July 2007, Purple City Genetics (PCG) turned on our first lights in a warehouse in East Oakland. Since then, they have embodied Oakland’s cannabis culture by providing the best cannabis cultivars to their networks across California. As the Cannabis industry has progressed, so too have PCG. Beginning in Barcelona in 2020, PCG joined the European cannabis community, committed to sharing its wide range of experience and deeply-held passion for selecting cannabis genetics.

Purple City Genetics has a lasting commitment to collect healthy and unique strains and prioritise the very best seeds possible. PCG is an award-winning group known for collecting unique cannabis phenotypes with superior terpene genetics and is extremely serious about organic and pesticide-free agriculture. From the very start, the guiding principle has not altered: “Collect only the best strains and the highest quality seeds”.


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