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Gage Green Seeds originally based in Oakland, California, are no ordinary breeder. Gage Green are a network of connoisseur breeders who seek only the finest herbal medication from around the world.

Since 2010, when the group was officially formed, it has seen significant expansion and relocating its headquarters to Amsterdam whilst continuing to research their newest findings from across the globe.

Green gage then use natural breeding techniques to advance these strains and claim every ounce of potential from each variety. Gage Green research focuses on advancing absolute natural farming of medical cannabis. They combine modern research and technology with simple, organic cultivation methods.

The seedbank’s aim is to offer everyone the best possible strains for their ailment – they intend to “help heal the entire planet”. As you would expect with a breeding collective so keen on promoting the holistic properties of herbal cannabis, many of their extensive library of strains have a High-CBD content.

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