Dankonomics Genetics

Dankonomics Genetics cannabis seed bank

Dankonomics Genetics were born in the prohibition years. The founder, startled how often he was short changed and denied good quality seeds, began purchasing his cannabis seeds from Holland and started creating new lines. Learning to grow along the way with plenty of trial and error, different breeding techniques Dankonomics was created.

20 years on Dankonomics thoroughly test all their strains to ensure excellent vigour and ease of growth. All of the seeds are created in recycled, organic soil, with no harsh chemicals or insecticides/fungicides.

While there are a number of strains that have grown in popularity since the birth of Dankonomics, their Banana Kush and Stardawg hybrids are also big sellers within the collection at Dankonomics.

Look no further than Dankonomics Genetics, available with reward points at coffeeshopseeds.com.

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