Dank Genetics

Dank Genetics cannabis seeds

Dank Genetics are a US seed bank which has been active creating revered US genetics since its inception in 2010. Dank Genetics promises “No hype, all dank!!!” and this is no idle boast.

Its superb selection of US strains has been created using the highest quality genetics from around the globe. This seed bank’s range is focused on taste, scent, potency, high resin production and high yields for the complete package of desired cannabis attributes.

Offering feminised seeds gives growers the opportunity to remove the risk of male plants. Thus, nullifying the potential problems associated with having both male and female plants together.

Dank Genetics offers connoisseur strains such as Atomic Sour, Dankalato and Sherbert Pebbles to name but three of its superb strains.

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Showing all 23 results