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CBD Seeds cannabis seed bank

At first, CBD Seeds started their own collection by sourcing mainly feminised cannabis seeds from cross breeding varieties. With clever recruitment in both technical and design the created CBD Seeds as a brand.

Never wavering from their vision to offer classic varieties of cannabis in their original form. They set out to collect a classic line of genetics, to find strains that were considered legendary!

After carrying out market research within Europe CBD Seedbank discovered a high demand for autoflowering varieties. And, so began the arduous task of creating autoflowering versions of their already popular classic feminised strains.

With high company values, all cannabis seeds pass an exhaustive quality control test. Immature seeds and ribbed seeds are discarded, ensuring that every customer receives their seeds in near perfect condition.

You can buy CBD Cannabis Seeds library of feminised strains directly from Coffee Shop Seeds today.

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Showing all 26 results