cannabiogen cannabis seeds

The collection of cannabis seeds at Cannabiogen is the result of over 20 years of exploring the world in search of the very best strains. From Mexico, India, Jamaica and Colombia to the humid grow houses of Pakistan and Thailand. With so much dedication the Cannabiogen team travelled far and wide.

Once Cannabiogen had collected all of the strains, which, by now, was well into the hundreds. Meticulous selections were made and a library of the very best specimens was born.

At Cannabiogen, the testers and breeders ensure that every stage of their cultivation is meticulously checked and tested. Cannabis seeds are randomly hand selected. Germination of these seeds are tested every three months. This occurs with every single strain  in their extensive library of their cannabis seeds.

Cannabiogen are currently the only seedbank with expiration dates on their seeds. Ensuring that their seeds are fresh, while also giving them a timeline as to when is best to grow a batch of seeds. They also offer precise instructions on how best to grow their strains, help novice growers manage their cultivation process.

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