difference between feminised and autoflowering cannabis seeds

Understanding the Difference Between Feminised and Autoflowering seeds

The cultivation of cannabis is increasingly becoming more common, both for hobbyists and thrill-seekers. Most enjoy the process of cultivation itself, and the ability to grow their cannabis is a mere bonus. For others, however, this allows them the chance to germinate and experiment, thereby customising and changing their THC experiences forever.

Whatever your reason for an interest in cannabis indoor cultivation, however, bear in mind that growing cannabis goes beyond just ordering seeds. It’s an art form that requires ample research and curiosity, especially since a quality lead can only happen with quality care.

To help ensure you come up with a cannabis plant you’ll love, learning is crucial. And to get you started, we take a look at the differences between autoflowering cannabis seeds and feminised seeds—and which one will work best for you:

Understanding Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

If you’re a beginner, autoflowering cannabis seeds are the more forgiving choice. They bloom automatically, making them easier to care for. No need to worry about lighting cycles or lighting set ups. They also generally grow to smaller sizes, making them the perfect choice for people with small spaces. Due to their easy nature, you’ll be able to harvest some for use in a short amount of time. As autoflowering cannabis seeds begin their flowering stage at a set time from seeds as oppose to the shortening of light many growers can achieve 2 if not 3 harvests per year when growing outside.

These seeds are also unyielding to temperature changes, along with onslaughts of pests and fungi. Simply put, they make cannabis cultivation a piece of cake. You’ll have cannabis plants growing in no time, developing into female plants for your endless supply.

Understanding Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Although autoflowers seem like the most plausible choice, feminised cannabis seeds offer a variety of benefits. For one, you never have to worry about the production of male plants, which are essentially useless for your cannabis hobby. These do not provide the high THC and CBD can give, but feminised seeds offer you only female plants for your hobby.

Given this better yield, it’s the perfect choice for more serious cultivators. They require more space, care, and attention, along with a stringent lighting schedule for the best results. A number of enthusiast also regard the flavour and effect of feminised to be superior to autoflowering. Although, this is becoming less common as todays autoflowering strains have come on heaps and bounds over the last few years.

The Verdict

So, which is better for cultivation? If you’re on the hunt for better and more fruitful yields, feminised seeds are a perfect choice. For quicker and less demanding care, especially for first time or beginner growers, autoflower seeds are the answer.

The choice ultimately depends on your needs and preferences, along with how serious of a hobby you want cannabis cultivation to be. The goal is to create a fun and unique experience of enjoying cannabis, though, so listen to what you want to pursue!

The Bottom Line

While the prospect of growing your own cannabis seems exciting, it’s important to always remember that the process entails more than just purchasing seeds. You need to carefully study seed characteristics, as well as your own needs and preferences. Yield and potency should also be taken into account, along with the amount of time you can provide for care and maintenance.

For the best possible results, however, you’ll want to get cannabis cultivation right off the bat. This can only be done by investing in high-quality seeds, regardless of your choice. The more you learn about cannabis, the more you’ll understand why it pays to invest in the best.

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