Legally grow hemp in the uk

İngiltere'de yasal olarak kenevir nasıl yetiştirilir

İngiltere'deki endüstriyel kenevirin büyük bir çoğunluğu yerel olarak yetiştirilmektedir ve inşaat ve inşaat sektöründe kullanılmaktadır. Bunun nedeni, kenevirin yapı taşı malzemesini modaya geçirmek için kullanılan yalıtım özelliklerine sahip olmasıdır. kenevir ayrıca vücut bakım ürünlerinde, plastiklerde ve kağıtta kullanılır.

CBD Hemp vs. Industrial Hemp

A lot of people get confused and cannot differentiate between CBD hemp and industrial hemp. However, the only similarity between these two is that they both come from the Cannabis sativa plant.

What sets the two apart is their CBD levels. A CBD hemp is cultivated specifically to have higher CBD levels than standard hemp, which is why this is used to produce CBD oil. It is also the part of the plant that has plenty of healthy benefits.

Industrial hemp, on the other hand, is grown and used for industrial purposes. It has low levels of both THC and cannabidiol (CBD). As such, industrial hemp is used in:

  • kâğıt
  • Textiles
  • Cosmetic products
  • Food products
  • Hemp oil

The Current Law

The current law in the UK says that it is illegal to cultivate hemp without a license. Therefore, you need to acquire a license before you grow hemp. In case that you do have a license, but the license is expired, it’s important to have it renewed before you start growing hemp again.

Additionally, the strain of hemp that you can grow should not exceed 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Only the production of industrial hemp fibre or the pressing of the seeds for oil is permitted.

Growing Hemp in Your Yard

Aside from having a license before you can start growing hemp, it is unlikely that the Home Office will permit you to grow hemp in your yard.

How to Get a License

You can apply for a license through the MD 29 form on the Home Office Drug Licensing website.

The form will require you to fill out necessary details such as field location names, grid references, size of your land, the seed type, THC content, and confirmation that the EU has approved your seed variation. You will also need to submit a map that marks where you will cultivate the hemp.

Aside from these necessary details, you will also be required to undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check that will look into your files to check for any criminal records. A compliance visit that comes with an additional fee may also be required, but keep in mind that this seldom happens.

Things to Keep In Mind

Here are some of the other things to keep in mind when you plan to grow hemp:

  • The grower must have a license.
  • Separate locations will need separate licenses, even though the areas belong to the same grower.
  • The Home Office may have a say where you plant your seeds.
  • The Home Office may change the location of your seeds or enforce your crop screening, especially if you plan to grow it in sensitive areas such as the ones near public areas.
  • The local police force will need to be informed that you are growing industrial hemp.


If you’re planning to grow hemp seeds in the UK, these are the vital things to keep in mind. Be a responsible hemp grower in the UK and make sure to follow the necessary rules and regulations.

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