Ağır Tohumlar

Ağır Tohumlar

Heavyweight Seeds begun cultivating in 2008, when they heard of a local cultivator who had obtained incredible results from his latest crop. A visit was in order and subsequently they purchased clones of his mother plants.

The resulting strains created of the cross between the aforementioned mother plants was truly mid-blowing. To preserve these special phenotypes more efficiently, Heavyweight Seeds decided to create their own gene pool. It took about a year to ready their products for the market and create a brand, step forward Heavyweight Seeds.

Heavyweight Seeds use extreme germination methods during the breeding process. Seeds are placed in variable humidity and temperature conditions forcing the cannabis seeds to germinate in poor conditions. Those seeds that pass this vigorous test are then worked with. This selection process guarantees that growers germinating Heavyweight cannabis seeds can do so in almost any conditions.

The philosophy is simple - "breed strains with high production (flowers and resin) with strong effects". If its bountiful crops of the highest quality your after then look no further than the Heavyweight Seeds range.

Their library of seeds is expanding all of the time but some of their original classic strains remain favourites. Their 2 Hızlı 2 Geniş sadece bir kahve dükkanı tohumu satanlar değil, şu anda Avrupa pazarında en popüler otomatik çiçeklenme suşlarından biridir ve ABD ve Kanada'da dalgalar yapmak için ayarlanmıştır. Dizel Drift, Meyve suyu and Strawberry Cake are the most popular photoperiod strains.

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