Sweet Orange Cookie Sherbs Feminised Seeds – 6

The brutal Zsweet Inzanity from Ethos combines in this zesty spicy Clementine gassy funk. Damn she’s strong on every level, even wet to the touch she’s so coated in oils every leaf gleams, this one reaches high on the THC charts and it’s plainly obvious. Treat her right and the rewards are exceptional, strong growth and massive long colas she sure puts on loads of such lethal fat fire nuggs.

Strong structure ensures pillars of green and she literally can take all you can throw at her and she still pushes filling all available spaces when she hits you she washes through in pulses waves of intrigue rhythms of joy and she sits for a while it’s a thick lush stone so beautifully medicated its strong but hugely enjoyable and tasty top shelf treat probably more suited to evenings for those relaxing times when it’s your or your friends that needs that downtime this one is just right but beastly strong so slowly does it.

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Семена священного дыма

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Святой дым семена

Дополнительная информация

Содержание THC

15 – 20%

КБР Контент



Zsweet Inzanity X Sherb Sauce



Body, Long-lasting, Physical, Relaxing

Время цветения

63 дня

Тип цветения



Растет в помещении, Растет на улице

Медицинские условия


Медицинские свойства


Размер упаковки

6 семян




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