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Cherry Bomb Regular Cannabis Seeds by Bomb Seeds

Cherry Bomb is the hard hitting, big yielding strain from Bomb Seeds. The result of crossing our monster yielding Big Bomb with a unique and fruity mother means growers can expect an explosion of flavour and maximum yields.

As the name would suggest Cherry Bomb has a sweet fruity aroma which is matched by the distinctive cherry taste. Think summer fruits with the classic skunk undertones.

The buzz starts with an initial head high, settling down into a deep and calming body stone that won’t knock you out for the count. Cherry Bomb is the ideal strain for both commercial growers and those wanting big yields without compromising on smoke quality. It has a heavy bud structure thanks to its Big Bomb heritage, growing to a medium height of around 100-120cm. The perfect strain for both indoor and outdoor setups, growers can expect to yield 600-650g/m2 with an 8-10 week flowering time. Outdoors it will finish late September to early October. Later in the flowering period leaves can turn a purple, cherry colour with buds glistening in THC.

Cherry Bomb is best smoked however you like. It works equally well as a blunt but smoked through a bong it is a real mind opener, perfect for exercising your inner creative urges.

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Семена бомб

Bomb Seeds are organically cultivated in the Netherlands. All batches are frequently tested for optimum superiority and uniformity. All Bomb Seeds are then hand selected to ensure maturity and viability. Bomb Seeds genetics are fully stabilised and bred for comprehensive genetic consistency, guaranteeing all strains and traits breed true in every plant. If strength, power, quality and yield are combination's you are looking for, then Bomb Seeds cannabis seeds are for you. Their genetics are growing in popularity in Europe at a rapid rate and they are fast becoming one of the most reputable breeders in the Netherlands. With a huge range you will find something for everyone at Bomb Seeds including -  Индики, сативы, medical varieties, autoflowering varieties, and more. Their selection process combines the best traits from world famous strains and the characteristics of their home grown strains. This makes for a truly explosive final product – hence the name Bomb Seeds. During vigorous batch testing under strict, optimum conditions, their cannabis seeds must achieve a 95% germination rate before they are selected to go on general sale. On top of this Bomb seeds are stored in commercial refrigerators maintained at a constant temperature of 6 degrees centigrade. Controlling temperature and humidity ensures customers get their cannabis seeds of maximum freshness when purchasing Bomb Seeds. Bomb Seeds extensive collection of strains are very popular, but there are a few strains that impress customers consistently. including, Куш БомбаЛедяная бомба, и Атомная Fem.
Семена конопли Bomb Seeds

Дополнительная информация

Содержание THC

17 – 22%

КБР Контент



Secret Mother x Big Bomb



Body, Calming, Head

Время цветения

56 & #8211; 70 дней

Тип цветения



Растет в помещении, Растет на улице

Размер упаковки

10 семян




В основном индика



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