Razões pelas quais a cannabis deixa amarela e o que você pode fazer a respeito

Suas folhas de cannabis estão ficando amarelas? Isso pode causar pânico, mas antes disso, saiba que as folhas da maconha podem ficar amareladas por vários motivos. Portanto, é essencial que você fique calmo e tente descobrir primeiro o que está causando o amarelecimento. Neste post, falaremos sobre os motivos das folhas amarelas em suas plantas de cannabis e como resolvê-los. ....  consulte Mais informação

Fungai Fusarium em plantas CBD

What is Fungai Fusarium and How to Protect Your Cannabis Plants

Growing your cannabis plants can bring you several benefits; however, the process also comes with different challenges. Like growing other crops and plants, you will likely encounter a few pests and insects before seeing your seedlings grow into beautiful cannabis plants. One particular fungus you should watch out for is the Fusarium. They intrude on weed plants to seek food and shelter. While insect invasion is simpler to deal with, fungal infections can pose a threat to your crop’s health. ....  consulte Mais informação

How pH Levels Affect Cannabis Growth

In the world of growing cannabis, the difficulty is usually in the details when it comes to nurturing a marijuana plant from the moment one receives a seed to the day it bears consumable Buds/leaves.

Although growing plants and having a green thumb in itself is a fairly difficult process, the nuance-filled nature of canna-cultivation only makes the experience more complicated than anyone can ever imagine. From preventing excessive amounts of sunlight to achieving optimal growing conditions with humidity and temperature requirements, the detail-packed nature of raising a marijuana plant is filled with surprises. ....  consulte Mais informação