Killer A5 Haze Feminised Seeds

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Killer A5 Haze Feminised Seeds

An absolute must for Haze fans! Killer A5 Haze was created by Ace Seeds who’s main aim was to create a sativa dominant hybrid that would maintain, and even exceed, the extreme potency, high vigour and high yields of the A5 mother, a Northern Lights #5 Hybrid. She has then been crossed with the killer phenotypes of their powerful Malawi, with which Ace Seeds have managed to increase the THC content even further, reaching as high as 30%. – believed to be the maximum THC content a cannabis plant can produce.

As well as very high THC content Ace Seeds have increased resin production and trichome size considerably. The long flowering time of the A5 Haze mother has been reduced to between 65-85 days, all this without introducing Indica genetics.  Despite its great sativa vigour and its very high production, Killer A5 Haze grows with a contained and manageable size, making it Ace Seeds sativa dominant hybrid with the highest production per m2.

Killer A5 Haze is a hungry grower and will require plenty of nutrients and light weather grown indoors or outdoors. She has a high resistance to spider mites, white fly and mildew as well as a tolerance of high temperatures. She will produce very high yields in a 9-12 week flowering time and can be grown outdoors in varied temperatures but will yield the best in warmer climates with good Autumn weather. ready to be harvested in the Northern Hemisphere in and around late October, Early November.

Her aroma is a pungent, deep haze quality with added notes of seasoned wood with a complex flavour to match. Terpenes found include Limonene, Myrcene and Beta-Caryophyllene. The effect is certainly not for the novice smoker who should treat this sativa strain with caution. Killer A5 Haze is incredibly strong and psychedelic leading to hysteria and uncontrollable giggles before becoming heavy and numbing.  

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Ace Seeds

ACE Seeds are here to preserve, study and share as much knowledge about the wonderful plant that is cannabis! Ace Seeds offer you pure landrace varieties and hope to help you be the knowledgeable cannabis connoisseur who everyone turns to.

Pure landrace varieties, which are the origin of all the domesticated varieties

A landrace is a variety of plant that has developed over time in a region. They are the origin of all the domesticated varieties. Landraces are found in many parts of the world, but they are especially common in Africa, Asia, and South America.

The company list elimination of natural habitats, war, disappearing ancestral cultures, genetic contamination, globalisation and laws prohibiting research as factors for the disappearance of pure strains. “At ACE Seeds we want to improve the lack of genetic diversity and stop the endogenous depression that Cannabis strains are suffering at the moment, by offering pure, fresh and different genetics.”

Enjoy and experience the unique cannabis seeds bred by Ace Seeds from the worlds best value seed shop – Coffee Shop Seeds.

Ace Seeds
No. of Seeds

1, 3, 5

THC Content

23% – 30%

CBD Content

Low (0-1%)


A5 Haze x Killer Malawi



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Flowering Type



Greenhouse, Grows Indoors, Grows outdoors




Mostly Sativa



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