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Island Sweet Barb Feminised Cannabis Seeds by House of the Great Gardener

Island Sweet Barb is a sativa-dominant hybrid with the classic Island Sweet Skunk bud shape and high yields but displaying a better plant structure and earlier finishing from the Barbara Bud side. The flowers have that classic sweet skunk aroma with hints of peach and citrus. Surprisingly, the taste offers pure skunk notes. When smoked or vaped it delivers an instant head rush followed by increased clarity of thought and a body-stone that hits later.

Flowering is a longer than other Barb crosses at 9 – 10 weeks but the rewards are also higher with large predicted yields. Suitable for cultivation in all environments.


House of the Great Gardener

House of the Great Gardener are a Canadian Seedbank who have been working with local clubs over the last 10 years in order to gather the very best medical cannabis strains that cater to patients’ needs as well as honing their selection of exceptional indicas and sativas. The main goal of House of the Great Gardner is to provide the perfect cannabis seeds of the strains that work perfectly for their customers. They feel that there is a psychological benefit for the customers when they know that their seeds will transform into a plant with specific medicinal value. House of the Great Gardener have always emphasised their desire for quality and control on their products. They believe that their customers deserve access to quality seeds that produce quality medicine. The Feminised line is perhaps the most popular strain collection at the House of the Great Gardener. This line consists of top genetics that have crossed their path, particularly in the British Colombia area including Jean Guy, Jack Herer and Rene. Alongside this line of fantastic feminised strains, House of the Great Gardener have also created their own genetic lines, including Digweed, GG1 and Haoma. The latter of these three strains has gained a prolific reputation and  has been coveted with a number of awards, including a High Times Cannabis Cup in 2011. With a constant will to progress, House of the Great Gardener are always experimenting with new combinations with the belief of finding new, original strain's. continuing their research and development to find rare, quality genetics. You can now buy marijuana seeds on line from The House of the Great Gardener at Coffee Shop Seeds and get a flavour of some of the best strains that this relatively new seedbank has to offer.
House of the Great Gardener cannabis seedbank

Barbara Bud x Island Sweet Skunk


Mostly Sativa

Flowering Time

63 – 70 days

Flowering Type




THC Content


CBD Content

Low (0-1%)




Greenhouse, Grows Indoors, Grows outdoors


Body, Head, Relaxing


Citrus, Skunk