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CBG-Force Feminised marijuana Seeds by Dutch Passion

CBG-Force is Dutch Passion’s first high-CBG (cannabigerol) female seeds cannabis strain. CBG is believed to have excellent medicinal potential. Additionally, THC levels in CBG-Force feminised are less than 0.15%. CBG-Force follows in the footsteps of THC-Victory (THCV rich) and Dutch Passion’s pioneering work in 2011 introducing CBD-rich seeds.

These Plants grow into a medium-sized plant with large harvest potential (indoors 400 grams/m2, outdoors 500 grams per plant). Plants grow vigorously (with great ‘Force’) taking only around 7 weeks of flowering to finish with solid buds of CBG rich cannabis. CBG-Force is Dutch Passion’s first generation CBG rich strain.

With a THC percentage of below 0.15%, this is the first strain in the Dutch Passion collection that could be considered legal globally in the same way as legal hemp. The flowers look just like normal cannabis with the same structure and appearance. It’s a great smoke, especially for those looking for a connoisseur cannabis-light experience.

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Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion founder, Henk van Dalen, began collecting and breeding cannabis seeds which he found in the early Dutch cannabis imports arriving from all over the planet. Soon he realised that it was possible to grow your own cannabis and often it was far superior to the more than often poor-quality, heavily seeded, imported product - Not to dissimilar to today! Many of Henk's best varieties were selectively crossed and bred and he soon realised that many people would prefer to grow their own cannabis from seed rather than buy it on the streets. In 1987, the Dutch Passion Seed Company was formally established. A decade later, they became the very first seed bank to master how to make purely feminised seeds, something that most if not all with in the industry said was impossible with cannabis seeds. Crowned Best Seed bank at Spannabis 2014, Dutch Passion cannabis seeds are well known for their sophistication and quality. The breeders concern themselves with creating and preserving quality, and their varieties have won many prizes in cannabis cup competitions.
Dutch Passion Cannabis seed bank



THC Content


CBD Content



Indoors: 400 gr/m2; Outdoors: 500 gr/plant


Grows Indoors, Grows outdoors

Medical Properties



Cream, Fruity, Melon


Body, Calming, Relaxing

Flowering Type




Flowering Time

6-8 Weeks