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CBD Ghandi Feminised Seeds – 5

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CBD Ghandi Feminised Cannabis Seeds by CBD Crew

CBD Ghandi is a new feminised strain from CBD Crew. This is a high CBD – low THC strain and has been produced in a feminised version to enable uniform crops without the need to make cuttings from female plants first. It is a cross of a recreational hemp plant with an industrial version.

Mainly intended for those wishing to make terpene or CBD extractions, its short flowering time of around 7 weeks makes it a great choice for late planting outdoors. Approx. 80% of plants will display more densely-packed indica bud structure with the remaining 20% having a more sativa appearance. Seeds can be germinated and vegged for one week before transplanting and will reach a finishing height of 150 cm. Plants have a fruity scent.

CBD content varies between 8 – 12% with none of the samples having registered more than 0.2% THC.


CBD Crew

CBD Crew was formed in 2009 by Jaime of Resin Seeds and Shantibaba of Mr. Nice Seeds after the former’s creation of Cannatonic, a 1:1 THC:CBD strain. The success and popularity of the Cannatonic strain attracted the interest of Shantibaba and so a partnership between the two legendary breeders was formed. CBD Crew have focused their efforts on achieving a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD in all of their strains believing the properties of Cannabidiol are valuable, from prohibiting cancer cell growth, to reducing convulsions and anxiety. Their cannabis seed collection of CBD enriched strains enable people to cultivate their own medication at home, confident in the knowledge that the ratio of cannabinoids is beneficial for their individual ailment. Whilst all their strains have published lab results confirming the ratio of THC:CBD is 1:1 Each strain in the collection can help with a variety of specific ailments. Just check the Characteristics of the strain on the product page or use our search bar / filter to search for your ailment.
CBD Crew Cannabis seed breeders

Recreational Hemp x Industrial Hemp

Flowering Time

49 days

Flowering Type




THC Content


CBD Content

High (5% +)


Grows outdoors

Plant Height

150 cm.

Medical Properties

yes but not specified.