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Potting Your Pot – Choosing the Right Container for Your Cannabis Plant

Potting your pot – The cannabis industry is rising in different states and countries thanks to its steady legalization, which is why more green thumbs are trying their hand at nurturing Mary Jane in their backyards. Growing quality marijuana can be tricky, but before moving to the bells and whistles of the cultivation process, a good pot starts with the right pot.

What Makes A Good Pot For Your Plants?

When choosing the right container to call home for your cannabis plants, it wants a safe, healthy, and spacious environment where it can spread its roots. The more room for the roots to breathe, the higher the chances of your marijuana plants thriving.

If you want to harvest the best of the bunch and reap its full potential, you need to look at containers that will allow the roots to absorb enough water, nutrients, all while maintaining the ability to keep the plant steady as it stretches towards the sky.

What Are The Qualities To Consider When Looking For A Container?

As mentioned above, the best container allows the plant’s root system to develop fully. For it to thrive, you will need to take the following into account:

  • Drainage – There’s no doubt that cannabis is thirsty plants, and they need a fair amount of water to bloom. However, too much water can also lead to root rot, so the container needs a sound drainage system to achieve the ideal balance.
  • Oxygen – Plants need oxygen like we do, which means it needs a container that can introduce enough oxygen without overexposing the roots to other elements.
  • Space – The best cannabis plants are the ones with enough room to branch out to its full potential.

Seeing the essential qualities of an ideal container for your plants, you are better equipped to choose between the following pots:

1. Standard Plant Container With Saucer

The go-to choice for most growers, using the standard container is a tried-and-true method thanks to its reliable drainage system. It’s also the most accessible and budget-friendly, making it the right choice for beginners.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t do well in shielding the root from temperature changes. It also doesn’t provide the best airflow, so it’s best to choose a growing medium that can make up for it.

2. Smart Pots / Fabric Containers

One of the better choices in the market, fabric containers steals the scene with its excellent airflow, allowing the roots to receive enough oxygen to improve its development. Keep in mind that the water tends to dry up quicker than other containers, so you will need to water more than usual when using this pot.

3. Air Pots

Just like the smart pots, air pots are great at providing oxygen to the roots. The spacious design minimizes plants’ risk from getting root-bound, though you also need to water more often.

The Bottom Line: The Importance Of Placing Your Cannabis Plants In The Ideal Container

When it comes to potting your pot, we explore the different containers to find the best home for your cannabis plants to thrive.

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