Zeldzame Dankness

Zeldzame Dankness

Rare Dankness are a Colorado based Cannabis Breeder founded in 2010. The company only sell their seeds directly to Colorado dispensaries. Thankfully, RD Genetics, their global sister company based in Europe, produce seeds in legal grow gardens. These seeds are made available through select, approved seed banks like Coffee Shop Seeds.

Although Rare Dankness began in 2010, it is decades of prior knowledge and experience that lends itself to the finest genetics and some of the best cannabis strains in the world. RD's goal is to offer the highest quality genetics to the Medical Marijuana Community.

"Our work is not meant to replicate the mothers, but to compliment the genetics by breeding with superior males. We believe the road to legalization is through education."

Thanks to their global network of friends Rare Dankness have sourced some of the most prized genetics available on the market today. This enables them to offer fantastic strains like Karma Bitch. Met intense trichomenproductie en exotische aroma's die je nog nooit in cannabis hebt ervaren. Dan is er de altijd populaire Moonshine Haze x Ghost Train Haze #1. Een kruising met de 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup Sativa Winnaar Moonshine Haze en Ghost Train Haze #1, die talloze prijzen heeft gewonnen en tevens de jaarlijkse winnaar is van de High Times Sterkste Soorten Op Aarde!

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