Auto-Flowering Cannabis plants

4 Ways to Maximise Auto-Flowering Cannabis Plants Harvest

Maximise Auto-Flowering Cannabis Plants – As one of the biggest trends in the cannabis world, auto-flowering plants have received a significant amount of buzz in recent years—for all the right reasons.

Why are auto-flowering cannabis plants sought-after?

The main reason auto-flowing cannabis plants have been widely-acclaimed by professional and amateur growers alike is that they cut out the typically-complicated and painstakingly-long process of growing cannabis. When compared to regular cannabis plants, auto-flowering plants yield a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Shorter flowering times and growing periods
  • High-quality herb production
  • Extended, yet sustainable, or manageable plant heights

In spite of the fact that auto-flowering cannabis plants have an abundance of benefits, however, keep in mind that they produce lighter harvests than regular strains.As a result, this “miracle strain” is often held back from being the perfect option.

Solving the common problem at hand

No matter how easy it can be to grow auto-flowering cannabis plants, dealing with a lighter harvest can be a major setback towards completely enjoying the strain. Auto-flowering cannabis plants may have developed by a significant margin in recent years, but their inherently-lighter harvests continue to pose a challenge to growers that hope to make the most out of their yield.

Fortunately, it is very much possible to capitalize on the benefits of auto-flowering cannabis plants while generating a significantly-heavier harvest without having to sacrifice quality. If you’re tired of weak harvests or extended growing times for satisfactory yields, here are a few key tips that you can use to make the most out of your auto-flowering cannabis plants:

1. Choose the right strain

It is essential to understand that the type of auto-flowering cannabis plant strain that you choose greatly affects the size of your overall harvest that is produced. If you’re looking to pump up the total harvest that your auto-flowering cannabis plants put out, then it’s best to go for an auto strain that’s known to produce bigger harvests like Phoenix Seeds Big Yield Auto.

2. Avoid repotting as much as possible

One of the biggest mistakes that many people could possibly make when increasing the harvest that the auto-flowering plants produce is constantly re-potting them out of frustration. Re-potting your plants can put severe stress on them, which drastically reduces their total harvest by a significant margin. Therefore, Instead of re-potting your auto-flowering cannabis plants, grow them in their final container so that you can maximise their short life cycles while cutting out unnecessary plant stress as much as possible.

3. Supplement their growth with airy growing mediums

Various airy grow mediums, such as vermiculite, coco, rockwool, and perlite, are beneficial for increasing the harvests of any auto-flowering cannabis plant. Given the short 60-day average seed-to-harvest time that auto-flowering plants have, it’s ideal to maximise the short window by stimulating as much vegetative growth as possible, and an airy growing medium can help with that.

4. Max out the light reception

Auto-flowering plants, contrary to popular belief, thrive particularly well when subjected to a constant amount of light for set periods, which inevitably leads to greater harvests. Depending on the genetics of your chosen strain, your auto-flowering cannabis plants can produce maximal yields anywhere between 18 to 24 hours of light exposure per day!

At first, it may seem discouraging to use auto-flowering cannabis plants as a tool in your quest to generate copious harvests in the shortest amount of time. By implementing the right growth strategies, however, you can easily turn your situation around.

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