keeping CBD Seeds in good condition

Keeping Your Cannabis Seeds in Good Condition

If you’re planning to grow cannabis seeds, you must know what you’re signing up for because it requires a good deal of energy and time to ensure you can look forward to a fruitful harvest. When you learn to care for your seeds, you can expect them to grow well in time!

Like all seeds, weed seeds are very much alive. Before they start to develop their roots, stem, and leaves and start growing into a full-sized plant, they will remain in hibernation mode until they’re ready to sprout. When you don’t make an effort to watch over them and keep them in an ideal environment, your marijuana seeds won’t thrive and may end up dying sooner than you expect.

Where you store your seeds plays a significant role in how well your plants will live. Keep reading below to find out what can influence the growth of your seeds.

Factors That Affect the Quality of Your Cannabis Seeds

Your cannabis seeds require a suitable environment that will allow them to germinate properly. The practice you incorporate to try and grow your seeds can affect them, so it’s essential to do your research before deciding to invest in THC or CBD seeds.

Once you get the hang of caring for your plants, you can witness them blossom for up to ten years! Three vital elements can impact the growth of your seeds, among which are:

The Amount of Light

The source of light you provide your hemp seeds is what will make or break the germination process. Most plants require sunlight to live longer, but not all of them require round the clock light!

When you place your seeds under light for more than they need it, they could start sprouting a little earlier—even before you’re prepared to plant them in the soil.

The Level of Humidity

Humidity, or the amount of water vapour present in the air, is a vital part of your cannabis seeds’ germination because it will prove if you can grow them properly or not. Since you want to avoid your seeds from sprouting by accident, if the environment you leave them in offers a specific humidity level, your seeds can begin absorbing the nutrients around them.

As a result, they will start to grow weaker and may not develop naturally as you expect them to unless you store your seeds in an environment that maintains a reasonably dry temperature. One way to keep the right humidity level is to incorporate silica gel sachets.

The Storage Temperature

The temperature of the room where you store your medical marijuana is will also greatly impact your seeds. It’s a must to keep the level between six to eight degrees Celsius. An alternative to maintaining the same temperature is storing your seeds in your refrigerator or freezer.

You can also provide the proper storage temperature by keeping your seeds in a vegetable compartment, cooler, or any perfectly sized container and placing them in the back of your fridge. That way, the temperature of your cannabis seeds won’t fluctuate each time you need to open your fridge or during instances where the electricity goes out.


Whether you’re a beginner at growing THC or CBD seeds or you’ve been at it for a long time, it’s important to remind yourself of the basics of taking care of these unique plants. That way, you can ensure to witness them grow during the right time, allowing you to take advantage of their numerous marijuana benefits, all while continuing to maintain them for the years to come.

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