How to Store Cannabis Seeds at the Right Temperature

How to Store Cannabis Seeds at the Right Temperature

When you want to preserve cannabis seeds and grow these plants in the future, storing them in the ideal temperature is paramount for your plans. As you may or may not be aware, these seeds are very sensitive as they are prone to moulds, pests, and other contaminants. If they are kept in changing temperatures and extreme conditions, they will be negatively impacted and eventually die, and that’s the last thing you’ll ever want to happen!

In this article, we will share a practical guide on how to store your cannabis seeds at the right temperature:

1. Choose ideal places for storage

If you’re looking for ideal places for cannabis seed storage at home, take note of the following details:

  • Worktop: This will suffice if your room temperature doesn’t go beyond 15 to a maximum 20 °C.
  • Discreet drawer: It is a perfect storage place for your seeds, as long as it is rarely opened and closed. Again, the room temperature should not exceed recommended max temperatures.
  • Exclusive fridge: This is a perfect place for keeping the seeds due to its ideal temperature and humidity, but only if it is solely dedicated to cannabis seed storage. This is because your regular refrigerator is usually opened and closed as it serves as storage for foods and beverages. Also, keeping other foods and liquids can increase humidity.

2. Have the right storage conditions

When it comes to the ideal storage conditions for cannabis seeds, you have to consider the following three key factors:

  • Temperature: The perfect storage temperature for cannabis seeds ranges between six to eight degrees Celsius.
  • Humidity: The relative humidity for cannabis seeds should run between 20 to 30 per cent.
  • Dryness: It’s imperative to ensure your cannabis seeds aren’t exposed to excess moisture and are kept as dry as possible!

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3. Know what places to avoid

While there are ideal places for cannabis seed storage, there are also places to avoid. As mentioned, changing and extreme temperature environments can impact the longevity of the seeds. For this reason, be sure to avoid storing them in the following areas:

  • Humid areas: Keeping your seeds in the basement and bathroom is a big no-no due to high humidity levels.
  • Kitchen (oven) areas: The combination of humidity and heat can be dangerous to your seeds, as they can eventually die!
  • Window areas: You don’t want your seeds to get exposed to extreme outdoor conditions, whether under the scorching sun, torrential rain, or icy snow.
  • Areas with sunlight exposure: As mentioned, your seeds must not be kept in extreme temperature environments because sunlight exposure can cause the seeds’ entropy.


At this point, you now know how to store your cannabis seeds at the right temperature so that they can last. All it takes is to choose the ideal storage places, have the right storage conditions, and know what places to avoid. With these valuable storage tips, you’ll be able to keep your seeds in top shape and condition, ensuring that they will last for as long as possible so that you can germinate these seeds and grow your cannabis plants!

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