How to Determine the Quality of Your Cannabis Seeds

How to Determine the Quality of Your Cannabis Seeds

Marijuana seeds are said to aid and even cure various ailments, such as depression, fatigue, stress, headaches, migraines, muscle spasm, and cancer. Because of this, many try to take advantage of the potential medicinal benefits they offer.

If you are trying to alleviate your pain or manage the symptoms using cannabis seeds, you must ensure that these are high-quality to maximise their benefits. Additionally, you have to avoid buying or accepting them from an unknown source and opt for certified seed banks. Use this article as your guide, enabling you to make well-informed decisions and make full use of your money and other resources.

What Are the Characteristics of High-Quality Cannabis Seeds?

Certain properties of cannabis seeds can help you identify whether the product’s quality is good or bad. You can also save your money on other complementary medical services, bettering your welfare. Consider the following characteristics for your guidance:

  • A hard shell

High-quality, healthy cannabis seeds should have a hard shell. You can easily check by squeezing them to see if they fall apart. Just make sure its surfaces are intact before pressing them with your fingers to prevent damages.

  • Dark colour

Immature cannabis seeds are white or green. If you’re going for fast-flowering, high-quality feminised ones, look for dark ones. Their colour varies from brown, grey, or black. They also have spots or stripes that are lighter or darker than their background colour. Check out these varieties for comparison and make the right purchasing choice.

  • A waxy layer

The finest cannabis seeds have a slightly shiny surface as they are coated with a waxy material. If your seeds don’t have a waxy layer, they are poorly preserved, old, or of low quality.

  • Sinks in water

Soak your cannabis seeds in a glass filled with warm or slightly lukewarm water for several hours. If they float, they are no longer in good condition. Meanwhile, if they sink, they are certainly of high quality. Note, only do this when germinating cannabis seeds (presuming you are legally allowed to germinate).

How Do Cannabis Seeds Turn Bad?

The way you store your cannabis seeds plays a major role in their quality. Therefore, you have to protect them against water, UV rays, including sunlight, extreme temperatures, moisture, and other external active substances. Otherwise, they may crack, mould, or even die.

To maintain the excellent quality of your cannabis seeds, you have to store them in an airtight container in a dark environment and at (maximum) room temperature. If bought online, you could keep them in their packaging, especially if they are sealed in a vacuum capsule. This way, you are assured they are unaffected by external factors that can affect their condition.


Cannabis seeds might provide you with medicinal benefits, but only if they are grown correctly. If you end up buying some from unknown dealers, and ensure they are safe to use, follow the tips in this guide. On the other hand, you can always avoid wasting time and resources to check their physical properties or experiment on them to assess their quality by buying only from reputable suppliers.

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