whats wrong with your hemp seeds

Growing Problems – What’s Wrong with Your Hemp Seeds

The promise of harvesting a healthy batch of hemp or marijuana is an inviting dream to have. It’s an excellent goal for people who want to grow their herbs through a DIY process, saving them hundreds instead of buying from sellers. However, growing cannabis seeds can have a steep learning curve.

Growing Problems with Cannabis Seeds

Growing plants is a lot harder than it sounds, and it’s even more complex to raise hemp. Since this strain of plants is more fragile to environmental conditions and soil mixtures, they need proper care and attention.  Unfortunately, some hemp seeds simply do not grow at all. This can be disappointing if you’ve invested a lot in buying the right growing tools and equipment.

In this article, we’ll share five potential reasons your hemp seeds/cannabis seeds aren’t growing.

1. Improper Soil Temperatures

Soil isn’t just a source of nutrients for plants. They also function as a growing bed that needs to be at the right temperature levels. Cannabis seeds, in particular, aren’t fond of growing in cold soil. This is why some growers warm their soil through artificial means to speed up germination.

2. Wrong Choice of Substrate

Your soil of choice will affect your cannabis’ growing capabilities. It’s important to use light and friable substrate to ensure that roots can penetrate through. This is why growers avoid loamy soil that can be stressful for cannabis seedlings to grow in.

You should also check how deep you sow your seeds. Since cannabis seeds are small, you need to plant them close to the top of the soil to benefit from adequate moisture and temperature levels.

3. Poor Irrigation

Besides your soil’s properties, it’s important to give your cannabis seedlings enough water. Plants will respond differently to watering amounts, depending on their strain. Cannabis seeds need to be watered frequently, so the soil must remain moist. This is the best way to allow the seeds to swell and germinate.

4. Inadequate Lighting

Generally, plants tend to grow slowly if they don’t have enough light. This is why it’s necessary to learn the right intensity and distance of your growing lights. Too much light can lead to stress in plants, preventing them from growing fast enough. On the other hand, having too little light can make them weak.

5. Dead or Low-Quality Seeds

If all the conditions above aren’t an issue, you may be unlucky to have a batch of dead or poor-quality seeds. Ready-made seeds won’t always grow if they’ve been stored incorrectly. This means they can no longer germinate.

These seedlings appear dried out by having cracks or dents. They will also easily crumble when you apply soft pressure on them. The most reliable way to tell if a seed is dead or not is if it drowns in warm water. If they float, it’s much likely that they’re no longer capable of germinating.


Growing your own cannabis can be an excellent investment, but you need to ensure that you’re ready to toil through the steep learning curve. While procuring essential growing materials is necessary, you should never undermine the advantage of getting yourself quality seeds. With the right cannabis seed supplier, you can set yourself on a great start to building a bountiful harvest in the future.

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