Feminised Auto/Photo Mix

Here you will find our Feminised Autoflowering and Photoperiod mix cannabis seeds. These are usually supplied in 2,4 or 6 seed packs and contain a mix of autoflowering and Photoperiod seeds. Ideal for those who like to experiment with different set ups.

For more information on Autoflowering see our Autoflowering page

For more information on Photoperiod see our Photoperiod page

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Philosopher Seeds Golo Mix Feminised  cannabis seeds

Golo Mix Feminised Seeds - 12

Philosopher Seeds HappyMix Feminised cannabis seeds

HappyMix Feminised Seeds - 4

Philosopher Seeds Indoor Mix Feminised cannabis seeds

Indoor Mix Feminised Seeds - 6

Philosopher Seeds Juanita Mix Feminised cannabis seeds

Juanita Mix Feminised Seeds - 4

Philosopher SeedsPhilomix Feminised Seeds

Philomix Feminised Seeds - 12

Philosopher SeedsRipper Mix Feminised Seeds

Ripper Mix Feminised Seeds - 4

Philosopher SeedsTropi Mix Feminised Seeds

Tropi Mix Feminised Seeds - 4