Female Seeds

Female Seeds' story began in the early 90's when the now head cultivator at Female Seeds 'Ferry' began making regular seeds as an additional income to support his studies. From a side income to a flourishing business within the decade saw Ferry turn into a major player in the cannabis seed industry.

When asked about his unexpected expansion Ferry said, “I never thought an extra student income would lead to such a serious business. Ultimately my dream was to save money for a small self-sufficient eco farm.”

By the end of the 21st century feminised seeds were beginning to come to market. Although popular earlier feminised seeds were very unreliable. So with his engineering background and his mass regular seed production Ferry set to work determined to produce 100% reliable female seeds.

After 3 years, Female Seeds was launched in 2003 becoming an overnight success. so much so, the company struggled to supply demand partially due to their fine genetics but also due to the companies pricing policy - All products were sold under the market value.

Speaking about the success of the company Ferry said  “Female Seeds has now entered a state of transition, from a company to a movement to invest in sustainable independent growing systems, like aquaponics and LED systems. Furthermore all profits will be invested into cooperative systems, ecological projects and agriculture. Helping people to have a happy sustainable lifestyle is our overriding goal."

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Female Seeds AK Auto Feminised Female cannabis seeds

AK Auto Feminised Female Seeds

Female Seeds Blueberry Cheesecake Feminised cannabis seeds

Blueberry Cheesecake Feminised Seeds

Female Seeds Bubble Auto Feminised cannabis seeds

Bubble Auto Feminised Seeds

Female Seeds Bubblegummer Feminised cannabis seeds

Bubblegummer Feminised Seeds

Female Seeds Chem OG Feminised cannabis seeds

Chem OG Feminised Seeds

Female Seeds Cinderella 99 Feminised cannabis seeds

Cinderella 99 Feminised Seeds

Female Seeds Critical Sour Feminised cannabis seeds

Critical Sour Feminised Seeds

Female Seeds Dream Berry Feminised cannabis seeds

Dream Berry Feminised Seeds

Female Seeds Easy Sativa Feminised cannabis seeds

Easy Sativa Feminised Seeds

Female Seeds Grapefruit Feminised cannabis seeds

Grapefruit Feminised Seeds

Female Seeds ICED Grapefruit Feminised cannabis seeds

ICED Grapefruit Feminised Seeds

Female Seeds Ice Feminised Female cannabis seeds

Ice Feminised Female Seeds

Female Seeds Indoor Mix Feminised cannabis seeds

Indoor Mix Feminised Seeds

Female Seeds Kush Auto Feminised cannabis seeds

Kush Auto Feminised Seeds - Female

Female Seeds Lemon Kush Feminised cannabis seeds

Lemon Kush Feminised Seeds

Female Seeds Maroc Feminised cannabis seeds

Maroc Feminised Seeds

Female Seeds NL Auto Feminised cannabis seeds

NL Auto Feminised Seeds

Female SeedsOutdoor Grapefruit Feminised Seeds

Outdoor Grapefruit Feminised Seeds

Female SeedsPure AK Feminised Seeds

Pure AK Feminised Seeds

Female SeedsPurple Maroc Feminised Seeds

Purple Maroc Feminised Seeds

Female SeedsRed Purps Feminised Seeds

Red Purps Feminised Seeds

Female SeedsSex Bud Feminised Seeds

Sex Bud Feminised Seeds

Female SeedsSkunk Special Feminised Seeds

Skunk Special Feminised Seeds

Female SeedsSpeed Bud Auto Feminised Seeds

Speed Bud Auto Feminised Seeds

Female SeedsWhite Widow x Big Bud Auto Feminised Seeds

White Widow x Big Bud Auto Feminised Seeds

Female SeedsWhite Widow x Big Bud Feminised Seeds

White Widow x Big Bud Feminised Seeds