Genética Jinxproof

Banco de semillas de marihuana Jinxproof Genetics

Jinxproof Genetics es un criador estadounidense de gestión familiar del noroeste del Pacífico, el creador y criador del ganador original de la Cannabis Cup Mejor Indica 2017. Martillo de 9 lb,  adorned by many a grower for its potency, fruity flavour notes and yield.

Jinxproof breed unique hybrid plants that are a real delicacy for any cannabis connoisseur.  Created using their vast 30 plus years experience and knowledge to breed and stabilize sort after strains.

Many of Jinxproofs strains are limited edition, high quality genetics that satisfy growers of all levels of experience. Now you can buy Jinxproof Genetics cannabis seeds on line with discreet worldwide delivery from Coffee Shop Seeds.

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