Cannabis Strains for Meditation

5 Cannabis-Sorten, die Ihnen bei der Meditation helfen

Wenn wir über Meditation sprechen, wissen wir sofort, worum es bei Entspannung geht. Und wenn wir über Cannabis und Meditation sprechen, stellen wir fest, dass Marihuana uns hilft, unsere Emotionen tiefer zu spüren, ohne vom Außengeräusch abgelenkt zu werden.

Meditation with weed has two important advantages:

  • It prevents stress from getting into your system;
  • It relieves you of the already accumulated stress.

Both processes happen simultaneously, enable you to realize the joy that you are.

Weed meditation help to clear your mind and it’s a perfect way to enhance your training. Marijuana helps to sedate und concern on your breath.

Cannabis is divided into three species known as Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Sativa, and Cannabis Hybrids. Different parts of this installation are used for various benefits and impacts. More about it you can find on AskGrowers.

Historically, cannabis has been shown to help people open their eyes to the outside world and to see what ordinary people cannot face. Brain processes are suspended, allowing for a faster adjustment to meditation. 

Looking back several centuries, we find that:

  • Yogi is successful at using herbs before immersion in a trance;
  • Buddhists consider marijuana to be an ideal complement to the teachings of the Tantra;
  • Philosophers and Rastafarians believe that cannabis is the only way to truly understand oneself;
  • The garden used cannabis to improve mental health.

Meditation is not only a medicine for the soul but also the body. If you feel the pain, the growing panic, and you think you’re almost dying, you meditate. With marijuana, it’ll help you sort your mind out, lower your pain threshold. A trance condition helps people who suffer from DAF attacks – they watch from the outside and calm down. Below are the best strains of marijuana for meditation.

Science also identifies many of the same advantages of using marijuana and meditation. While meditators are more capable to control their emotions, marijuana presents the same effects. There is even scientific proof that meditation also helps physical health by lowering pain and soreness, as does the well-known cannabinoid marijuana.

Blauer Traum

Euphoria is generally first appeared when explaining the goods of the Blauer Traum. Lots of strains of cannabis can turn you delighted, but the Blue Dream has a pronounced, nice effect on many patients. This is the biggest charge of customers who use the plant for meditation. This Sativa hybrid awakens and is ideal for early morning meditation. Sugary citrus and floral notes will make your mind fly over the field on a sunny day. Because of this strain of the brain’s positivity and pleasant taste, it provides a perfect height for those who need a smile. It will transform you into an easy, peaceful state while the Sativa at the factory helps keep you informed. With a sweet berry aroma redolent of its Blueberry parent, Blue Dream delivers swift symptom relief without heavy sedative effects. 

weißes Fenster

Originally from the Netherlands, the weißes Fenster is now one of the most popular in the world for many reasons. Tradition and famous strain, White Widow is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, well-balanced 60% Sativa / 40% Indica. It is loved for his capacity to promote creativity, which makes it a big charge if doing something creative also pacify you. Think about it: coloring books for adults, playing musical instruments, cooking, or handicrafts. The White Widow gives you a lifted head that will make you want to speak with the universe or other people in peace. The white widow is also optimal for active yoga.

Royal Cookies

The Royal Cookies influence goes much more it’s delightful and gross tastes. This tension raises the mind to bliss, plus it allows much pleasure for the body. One of the definite information about this strain is that it raiding well. Put it another way, first-timers have to be careful when they try to eat Royal Cookies. Meditation while high is about pleasing, liberating sense, and pursuit quietness. So if you’re rookie in smoking weed and meditation, start with small doses of this strain for a better experience.


Any further strain can be as intense as Nordlichter. Users like that they are in a state of total decline; The Northern Lights are the cleanest when it comes to indie strains. Moreover being euphoric, the Northern Lights are calm your muscles. With that in mind, you can hold your meditation pose like a winner. Northern Lights, in specific, are also used as natural healing for insomnia. It can also help to abode several stress-related issues. Whether you want a quiet night’s rest or want to give your meditative practice’s progress, the Northern Lights will make you feel wonderful.


If you prefer to have a more soothing experience through meditation, the Hindukusch will produce it. It’s pressure, according to the psychedelic experience, pushing you into a shifted state, ideal to close your eyes and start a valuable vision. Only Afghan Indian may have been used for the first time for its mental effects, and the dream provider with medical benefits. Hindu Kush inherited a strong cerebral effect from the parent varieties, which is characteristic of this type of cannabis. A charming addition to the powerful effect is the gentle, refreshing, and invigorating aroma that is generously exuded by the delicious buds of the variety.It still produces a quick, full relaxation after a hard mental stroke. It begins and lasts for several hours with a strong sleeping effect, especially at higher stress. Once you’ve developed some tolerance, you can use it for a few days and before meditation. which arise from his deep sedative features. With its 100% Indica, you cannot underrate the content of THC 22% + and test up to 33%. But if you’re looking for something to muffle the chatter in your brain to help you meditate, Hindu Kush will do so.


Just think how many various processes take place in just 10-20 minutes of your practice – the brain is “double-dipped”, getting improved, wiser, calmer and more alert, increasing immunity and mood, improving memory and concentration, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, It reduces emotional tension and improves contact and understanding with people around them.

The finest way to meditate day by day is to make you feel better, calmed down, improve shrill focus, and psychological flexibility. The longer you practice, the more you feel. In time, you will start setting your own meditation criteria.Cannabis has traditionally been used in antique culture and religions for meditation and yoga for plenty of years. For instance, in tantric Buddhism, cannabis continues to play a necessary role in meditative rituals to attain deep meditation and increased realisation. Anyhow, it is impossible not to retract the philosophy of Rastafarianism, which states that Cannabis is the key to a new understanding of oneself, the universe, and God. It’s a conductor of cosmic consciousness. Isn’t it interesting? I think it’s time to light the joint and take a few deep breaths!

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