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CBD Seedlings – 4 Tips to Help You Successfully Care for Them

CBD Seedlings – There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing your cannabis seeds bursting to life. If you want yours to grow well, then you need to start taking care of them properly, as early as their seedling stage. Your plants are at their most delicate when they’re seedlings, therefore, they require extra care. Here are some tips to help you take excellent care of your cannabis seedlings:

  1. Make sure your seeds are in a good environment

For CBD seeds to thrive, it has to be in an environment with consistent humidity, airflow, and temperature. To achieve this, a seed propagator needs to be in place. A seed propagator works like a mini greenhouse that helps the seedlings remain within their environment.

Thankfully, you can create your own propagator! Simply place a clear plastic bag over the top of the pot and create some holes in it for ventilation.

On the other hand, you can also buy a propagator that has certain features that will provide you with control over the environment for your CBD seedlings. These features include thermometers, lighting, built-in heating, and controlled airflow.

  1. Maintain a consistent root area temperature

A consistent root temperature is essential to ensure optimal health for your CBD seeds. The ideal temperature must be between 19-24 degrees. A consistent temperature will ensure that your seedlings will develop at the same speed.

Most growers use a seedling heat mat that is sometimes included when you purchase a propagator.

  1. Expose your CBD seedlings to proper and adequate lighting

A great way to start with lighting for growing cannabis seeds is with a CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) light. CFL lights don’t emit too much heat compared to HFL (Heat Fan Light) lights. Thus, you can place the CFL light as close to your seedlings as possible without having to worry that it could damage it. At the same time, it will provide the CBD seeds with adequate lighting to aid with their growth.

Having the light very close to a cannabis seed is crucial because it prevents the seedlings from stretching.

Another thing that you should do in terms of lighting is to purchase cool white and soft white bulbs, as seedlings grow best under a blue spectrum.

  1. Make sure your seedlings are getting enough nutrients

When it comes to feeding your CBD seedlings, you need to give them just enough nutrients. That means you should not overfeed your seedlings or provide additional nutrients. Keep in mind that they are still very delicate, thus, when you give them extra nutrients, it could cause a nutrient burn that will eventually lead to their death.

Also, use plain water in a pH range of 6.3-6.5. If you’re using tap water, set it aside for at least 48 hours before you water your cannabis seeds with it. By doing so, the chlorine and other chemicals have evaporated from the tap water.

When it comes to watering your seedlings, water them when the soil begins to dry to touch. However, keep in mind that the earth must not be consistently moist.


Taking care of CBD seeds requires a lot of effort. The good news is that you can use additional tools to help you with the process, and they’re pretty affordable to boot. Plus, caring for your cannabis seedlings is pretty much like caring for regular plants.

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