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Cannabis Seed Germination – Quick Fix

Cannabis Seed Germination – One of the factors that guarantee the quality of cannabis seeds is through its germination process. If you plan to germinate these seeds, it’s essential to know the best practices to ensure that you get the best out of it.

Seedlings need to start their life right. That’s why you have to ensure that they are placed in the right environment because it triggers the growth of the seedlings. The temperature, pH levels in the water, soil quality, and humidity are significant factors to the environment. Know that cannabis seeds are not fit for a mini-greenhouse environment. If you place it in such a location, you can expect a failed germination process even before it begins.

You should also keep in mind that you should not soak or spout the cannabis seeds in wet tissue or water. Doing so will lower the chances of efficiently growing these plants. There are many issues that you may encounter when growing your seedlings. Seedlings can grow too skinny and tall, or they can fall over. When you are faced with such circumstances, you must know what to do to fix them.

Here are four common issues of cannabis seeds germination and their quick fixes:

1. Tall & skinny seedlings

The most common problem in the germination process is that seedlings grow too tall and skinny. This typically happens when the seedling receives an insufficient amount of light. To solve this, move the seedlings to an area where it can have better light exposure so that it will grow and produce healthy plants.

2. Fungal infection

Dampening is a common fungal infection that happens to seedlings. It makes the seedlings fall over despite its initial healthy growth. The only solution for this issue is to make sure that your soil is fungus-free. You should also properly control the temperature and humidity where the seedlings are located to reduce the chance of fungal infection.

3. Attached seed casing

When the seed casing does not detach, this means that the seed was not placed deep enough in the soil. This instance could also be an indicator that the earth is too dry. A quick fix for this will be to spray mineral water to the plant and wait a few minutes before you take off the casing. To prevent this from reoccurring, plant your seed deeper, and always make sure that the soil is moist.

4. Seed transfer

Once your seedlings are well established, you can then transfer them. Keep in mind that you can only move them when you reach a height of 2-3 centimetres. When the germination is successful, you’ll be able to see its results in a week. After that, you just have to wait until it’s the right time for harvest.

It’s important that you know how to troubleshoot common seedling problems. Before you purchase seeds or go through a germination process, do sufficient research about the seeds and how you can adequately grow them in your property.

Keep in mind that seeds will survive germination when the conditions are suitable for growth. Hence, an essential part of the growth process is its environment and consistency. Invest in a few tools to help you manage and monitor its environment, and you can guarantee high chances of success.

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