ONE Premium CBD Seeds

One Premium CBD Seeds

One Premium CBD Seeds is part of a group that is continuously working to create and develop cutting edge innovations to the world’s problems using cannabis. Developing elite genetics in their laboratories that are being used for different applications such as biodegradable plastics, cosmetics and products that are beneficial to our health, while generating ideas that are changing the world as we know it today.

From seed to plant to end product, One Premium CBD Seeds is the first step in this process. Their production facility in Switzerland includes indoor and outdoor cultivation sites where testing and production is carried out ensuring their customers with the highest grade extraction product available on the market today. When it comes to CBD genetics there is no substitute.

The team of professionals have carefully selected and tested One premium's genetics for favourable grow traits and high levels of CBD and terpene production. Providing the best CBD genetics is our mission and you can be a part of this. If your  looking for elite CBD genetics for extraction and/or other purposes then One Premium CBD Seeds is the perfect choice.

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