Medical Seeds

Medical Seeds cannabis seed breeders

Medical Seeds are a small collective of breeders based in Barcelona, Spain. Since their humble begins Founded in 2006, they have focused their mission to create highest quality cannabis seeds.

In order to maintain the highest quality of their seeds Medical Seeds limits production. Their unique method of cultivation gives them superior knowledge of how each variety reacts to pests, fertilizing, flowering periods, indoor and outdoor harvests etc.

Through their meticulous production, strict quality control and ethos, Medical Seeds guarantee the best quality marijuana seeds. They achieve this throughout an extensive and thorough testing phase that rivals even the most established breeders.

Medical Seeds are so thorough in their work. They ensure that yield, taste and cannabinoid quantities are of the highest quality. While they may have medicinal seeds of the utmost quality, they do not want to over price their products which would affect those in desperate need of them the most.

Here at Coffee Shop Seeds, we are proud to be able to offer the finest of Medicinal Seeds including Mendocino Purple Kush.

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