00 Seeds

00 seeds

Spanish breeder 00 Seeds are a relatively anonymous company - through choice! They have steadily grow in popularity over the last few years, due to the potency and quality of their solely indica strains. Specializing in Auto and feminised seeds, focusing on strong, unique flavours and aromas while maintaining a classic line of strains.

00 Seeds high quality, value for money range of seeds is growing regularly and include classic favourites like Northern Lights - the most popular Indica of all time. Now with 00 Seeds XXL Auto version yields of up to 650g/m2 are more than achievable and thanks to her Auto genetics novice cultivators can also expect great yields. 00 Seeds also offer medicinal seeds in their ever growing collection including White Widow CBD. A vigorous, easy to grow cannabis plant with CBD between 12-16% and THC in and around 5.5%. this give a THC:CBD Ration of between 1:2-1:3.

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