Auto Seeds

Auto Seeds are one of the earliest Autoflowering specialists in the world, with the Auto seeds team first getting hold of the original “Lowryder” ruderalis genetics in 2008 on a trip to Switzerland. 

The idea that you can grow a weed plant from seed to bud in less than 2 months really sparked Auto seeds imagination. Spending day after day from then to today working to develop and gather the highest quality genetics, while still keeping true to that initial dream of “great bud, that’s easy to grow; Fast! 

Their breeders never stop looking for the worlds best genetics, wherever they may be. The skill and experience that comes from working with autoflowering plants for over than 10 years means that they know how to get the most out of every variety. Specialising in developing strains that are easily accessible to all, whether it is high THC or CBD, great yields or specific medical benefits, Auto Seeds are constantly innovating and improving their range for the benefit of everyone.

So, why Autoflowering seeds? Well it all goes back to the amazing properties that the ruderalis genetic line possess -  Ease, Speed and Flexibility. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are super easy because they don’t need complicated light setups and if you prefer to grow outdoors they can grow anywhere that they get sunlight and wont get too cold.

Most Autoflowering seeds can be planted, grown and harvested within 2 months.


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Auto Seeds Auto #1 Auto Feminised cannabis seeds

Auto #1 Auto Feminised Seeds

Auto Seeds Berry Ryder Auto Feminised cannabis seeds

Berry Ryder Auto Feminised Seeds

Auto Seeds Chemdog Auto Feminised cannabis seeds

Chemdog Auto Feminised Seeds

Auto Seeds Diesel Berry Auto Feminised cannabis seeds

Diesel Berry Auto Feminised Seeds

Auto Seeds Dreamberry Auto Feminised cannabis seeds

Dreamberry Auto Feminised Seeds

Auto Seeds Hijack Auto Feminised cannabis seeds

Hijack Auto Feminised Seeds

Auto Seeds Juicy Lucy Auto Feminised cannabis seeds

Juicy Lucy Auto Feminised Seeds

Auto Seeds Kush Doctor Auto Feminised cannabis seeds

Kush Doctor Auto Feminised Seeds

Auto SeedsPounder Auto Feminised Seeds

Pounder Auto Feminised Seeds

Auto SeedsPurple Stilton Auto Feminised Seeds

Purple Stilton Auto Feminised Seeds

Auto SeedsSucker Punch Auto Feminised Seeds

Sucker Punch Auto Feminised Seeds