A Guide to Different Strains of Cannabis

A Comprehensive Guide to Different Strains of Cannabis

Cannabis has been used for centuries. It has a variety of medicinal and recreational uses, and its popularity continues to grow. With so many different types and flavours available, it can be difficult and overwhelming to choose the best one for you. This article covers some of the most popular strains of cannabis and why they are so popular.

These marijuana strains can be divided into three main categories: sativa, indica, and hybrid. Each type has unique effects on the mind and body by providing various medicinal benefits.


Sativa strains are believed to stimulate, energise, and inspire the user. For this reason, they are often preferred by people looking for a mental lift or a creative boost. The consumption of sativa has been associated with an increase in the feel-good neurotransmitter serotonin, which helps to control mood, learning, appetite, and anxiety. People who enjoy sativa strains often report feeling physically and mentally more relaxed.

These strains also treat various ailments like depression, migraines, and ADHD. Regarding which strain is better for chronic pain relief, sativa is often the preferred choice, as it provides a stimulating head high while still offering some relief.


For those looking for a more relaxing and calming experience, Indica cannabis may be a perfect choice. It is known for reducing physical discomfort. Indica has been used to treat various medical issues, like multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, chronic pain, Crohn’s disease and sleep disorders. This strain can also help alleviate physical pain and provide much-needed relief.

While sativa cannabis is more effective for mental conditions like depression and ADHD, indica offers a more relaxing and soothing experience to help with muscle relaxation, as well as to alleviate stress and improve sleep. Sativa is also known for providing a burst of energy and creativity, making it an excellent choice for those looking to increase their productivity.


Hybrid cannabis is created by combining the genetics of two different cannabis strains, usually an indica and a sativa. The goal is for the new strain to bring out the best qualities of both parent plants. These effects can be a combination of both, resulting in a less intense feeling than some indicas and a less paranoia-inducing experience than some sativas. By combining the genetics of two cannabis strains, growers can create one with a balanced set of effects.

Hybrids are a great option for those who want to experience the effects of both types of cannabis without getting too extreme either way. Many people find that the effects of a hybrid strain are much more mellow than an indica or a sativa strain, providing a pleasant experience without the intense highs or lows associated with either strain.


Understanding the common strains of cannabis and their effects can help you choose the best one for your desired experience. No matter what type you use, it can be helpful in some way. No single strain is right for everyone, but different kinds of cannabis can benefit those who use it.

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