710 Genetics

710 Genetics

Based in Birmingham, England 710 Genetics  are a seedbank who often describe themselves as a boutique seed company offering both rare and popular strains from both the United Kingdom and Europe. Specialising in Feminized and Autoflowering varieties, with a number of strains that have received praise and accolades across the European market.

Breeders at 710 Genetics started to create their own unique brand of seeds in order to demonstrate the capabilities of UK seed market. Since starting breeding themselves they have created 19 original, unique strains, all of which are solid, reliable and most of all, affordable.

Their Purps Feminised strain is a pure indica that emerged as a result of a cross between a Hindu Kush and a Purple Afghani. a blissful, long-lasting euphoria after use, while also providing a relaxing effect bound to help even the most hardened insomniac.

710 Genetics are flying the flag for the UK in a cannabis seed market usually dominated by seedbanks from the Netherlands and Spain. Their strains are reliable, flavoursome and most of all, are made with care by a team of breeders who are proud of their roots.

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710 Genetics 710 Cheese Auto Feminised cannabis seeds

710 Cheese Auto Feminised Seeds

710 Genetics 710 Cheese Feminised cannabis seeds

710 Cheese Feminised Seeds

710 Genetics 710 Diesel Auto Feminised cannabis seeds

710 Diesel Auto Feminised Seeds

710 Genetics AK 07 Auto Feminised cannabis seeds

AK - 107 Auto Feminised Seeds

710 Genetics Berry OG Kush Feminised cannabis seeds

Berry OG Kush Feminised Seeds

710 Genetics Dreamcatcher Feminised cannabis seeds

Dreamcatcher Feminised Seeds

710 Genetics Fools Gold Feminised cannabis seeds

Fools Gold Feminised Seeds

710 Genetics Fruity Widow Feminised cannabis seeds

Fruity Widow Feminised Seeds

710 Genetics G13 Hashplant Feminised cannabis seeds

G13 Hashplant Feminised Seeds

710 Genetics High Priority Auto Feminised cannabis seeds

High Priority Auto Feminised Seeds

710 Genetics Leonarda Feminised cannabis seeds

Leonarda Feminised Seeds

710 Genetics Mango Feminised  cannabis seeds

Mango Feminised Seeds - 710

710 GeneticsPure Jack Feminised Seeds

Pure Jack Feminised Seeds

710 GeneticsPurps Auto Feminised Seeds

Purps Auto Feminised Seeds

710 GeneticsPurps Feminised Seeds

Purps Feminised Seeds

710 GeneticsShellshock Auto Feminised Seeds

Shellshock Auto Feminised Seeds

710 GeneticsShellshock Feminised Seeds

Shellshock Feminised Seeds

710 GeneticsSour White Feminised Seeds

Sour White Feminised Seeds

710 GeneticsSweet Tooth Feminised Seeds

Sweet Tooth Feminised Seeds

710 GeneticsTropical Berry Feminised Seeds

Tropical Berry Feminised Seeds

710 GeneticsWhite Candy Feminised Seeds

White Candy Feminised Seeds

710 GeneticsWhite Widow Feminised Seeds

White Widow Feminised Seeds - 710 Genetics