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3 Useful Things You Can Do with Spare Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis produces seeds, similar to any other plant. If you find seeds in your cannabis, you may wonder what to do with it. After all, you can’t smoke cannabis seeds, as they won’t give you a high but will give you an irritating sensation on your throat if you attempt to smoke it.

Some growers produce a sinsemilla variety where only the female plants blossom. Sinsemilla is also grown in a facility with no male or hermaphrodite plants to avoid pollination and seed production. However, your marijuana can still have seeds if male or hermaphrodite plants happen to be nearby and pollinators such as bees transfer pollen from them.

What to do with spare marijuana seeds

There are many things you can do if you have extra seeds. You can grow them, turn them into a crop, or use them in arts and crafts. You might even have a more productive “high” with seeds instead of smoking the leaves.

1. Plant and grow marijuana

Many people discover cannabis cultivation as a fun and rewarding hobby, similar to gardening. To grow marijuana right in your flower pot, you need soil, water, and sunlight. However, you have to make the seeds germinate first.

To do this, soak the seeds in water for 12 hours. Dispose of the seeds that float as these won’t contain viable plants. Place the seeds on top of moist tissue paper set on a plate, keeping a 1-inch distance between the seeds.

Then, leave your seed-containing plate near a place that has consistent, warm temperatures such as the top of your refrigerator or near the condenser of your air conditioner. Keep spraying the seeds with water for four days until you see roots develop from the seeds.

Then, carefully remove the seeds from the tissue using a pair of tweezers. Bore a hole half an inch deep in a pot of soil that’s at least 3 inches thick. After that, transfer your germinated seeds into the hole and cover them with soil.

There should only be one seed per pot. However, if you have many seeds, you can plant them in a bigger plant box. Spray the soil once every evening to prevent the seeds from drowning. Grow the plants under a shaded area instead of direct sunlight to avoid drying the seeds.

Your marijuana should sprout out of the soil after a week or more. Then, take care of your marijuana for a few more months, and you can harvest your own free weed.

2. Eat marijuana seeds as snacks

Cannabis belongs to the hemp family of plants which seeds are edible. The seeds can be eaten raw, similar to sunflower seeds, but you must remove them from their shells first. Leave the seeds to dry under the sun, or you can bake the seeds in your oven.

You can pulverize the dried marijuana seeds and mix them with batters to make speciality cannabis cakes! You can also sprinkle ground marijuana seeds over salads, oatmeal, yoghurt, and jams, to achieve a crunchy texture.

What’s even better is that cannabis seeds don’t produce a high effect compared to its leaves or flowers, so even those who aren’t fond of experiencing a high can eat them. Cannabis seeds also contain dietary fibre and potassium, which makes them a nutritious and tasty snack. If you have pet birds or mice, you can even feed them with dried, ground marijuana seeds.

3. Use marijuana seeds for arts and crafts

Marijuana seeds come in various colours when they’re still immature, but they turn black or brown eventually. You can make mosaics using seeds of various colours and sizes or even use them as a subject for your art photos! Marijuana seeds can serve as beads for necklaces and armbands as well.

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