Facts About Growing CBD Seeds

3 Facts About Growing CBD Seeds Budding Growers Should Know

Facts About Growing CBD Seeds – With its critical role in delivering the medically-intrinsic effects of marijuana, cannabidiol (CBD) holds the highest distinction of providing solutions to further improve people’s lives.

Thanks to the legalisation of medical marijuana (CBD) all over the UK and the advent of such products, more people have been exposed to the wonderful benefits of CBD. Although most people confuse it for THC as the compound responsible for getting someone high, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid continues to take on an increasingly important role in helping people find natural and effective solutions to their problems. This is why many British natives have considered using their green thumb to grow such plants in the comforts of their homes*.

A few facts about CBD seeds any budding grower needs to know

Seeing that CBD seeds are available all over the UK in physical and online stores—such as at Coffee Shop Seeds—it may seem tempting to grow your own miracle plants today.

You might be thinking that there is only so much that one can know about CBD seeds and growing them to become full-on medicinal solutions. However, you might have only scratched the surface of what you need to know about the “miracle plant” itself to fully reap its full benefits.

Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with this list of three facts about CBD seeds that will help your growing process by the time you receive your first or second pack from Coffee Shop Seeds:

Fact #1: The freshest buds are the best ones to pick

When it comes to ensuring that you get the freshest dose of cannabidiol for your personal consumption, it’s worth noting that there’s no better time to pick than at the start of the harvest period.

Similar to THC-heavy strains and seeds, CBD gradually degrades as buds mature because of the way cannabinoids interact with one another, leaving out a whole lot of goodness along the way. For the best results, we recommend picking buds at the start of harvest time so that their cannabidiol content is at the highest for greater returns!

Fact #2: A tunnel vision approach can help for impeccable CBD growth

If you’re strictly growing marijuana to reap its medicinal benefits, then you’re far better off employing an approach that uses high-CBD cannabis seeds.

Today, manufacturers and hardcore growers have been able to “hack” the genetic coding of marijuana plants so that they can yield engineered batches of seeds that are CBD-dominant. By getting a strain of CBD seeds from a reputable breeder that has a good service record and happy customers, you can ensure that you’ll have CBD-rich weed with minimal THC in no time!

Fact #3: There’s more CBD beyond the buds

Most beginner breeders and growers find themselves believing that the cannabidiol they need can only be found in the buds, but this isn’t the case.

Apart from the cannabinoid-rich buds of the marijuana plant, its leaves also contain significant amounts of CBD that can be extracted by decarboxylating them. While the concentration of the compound in the leaves is low, a multitude of them can make for a fairly potent set of tinctures, butter, and oils for your health-related needs!


When it comes to growing cannabidiol-heavy marijuana plants and making the most out of them, nothing will help with achieving the right results than knowing a couple of helpful facts. By keeping the three facts mentioned above in mind, you ensure that your growing efforts will reward you handsomely with copious yields of CBD!

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*Home Office license required

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