Factors to Consider to Store Your Marijuana Seeds Longer

3 Factors to Consider to Store Your Marijuana Seeds Longer

Are you suffering from FOMO (fear of missing out)? Chances are, you’re subscribed to many seed banks to ensure you do not miss out on another sale of marijuana seeds ever again. But of course, by now, you’ll have a bunch of seeds lying around, but you’re wondering whether or not they’ll actually last you long enough till they get planted.

Well, put simply, if you are going to plant them within five years, they’ll more than likely still grow! However, this is mostly dependent on multiple factors, and these factors are what you need to keep an eye out for to store your seeds properly.

So, with that out of the way, let us talk about the factors you need to consider to ensure you store your marijuana seeds for the longest time possible:

1. Temperature

High temperatures will eventually kill your seeds. This includes anything above 32 degrees Celsius, which is a little more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit! Any higher than that, and your seeds will be dead in no time! Thankfully, for storing seeds, you’re pretty safe, as long as you’re not storing them in a hot environment.

So, what temperature is suitable for storing seeds? Well, a temperature of around 5 Celsius or 41 Fahrenheit should be perfect. Also, note that the colder you go, the better. However, there can be a problem with freezing them. You should only freeze-dry seeds. If they’re wet, such as a result of thawing or the like, the water inside could crystalize and effectively kill the seed.

2. Humidity

What happens when seeds are stored in high humidity? Well, the inside of the seed gets waterlogged, which results in it not being able to absorb moisture, or even worse, the seeds actually rot. Moisture is necessary for seeds to germinate, so you need to keep them as dry as possible.

What kind of humidity level is perfect for storing seeds? Well, around 5 percent is ideal. This means that the moisture content is less than what it is in the air outside–which is around 20 percent.

3. Light

But why is light a concern for storing seeds? Seeds need to be stored away from light to help stop them from germinating. If they germinate, they’ll die before they even get to grow at all.

Simply put, if they start growing in your storage area, they won’t be any places to pull nutrients from, quickly leading to dead seeds.


Now that you have a good idea of the conditions you need to store your marijuana seeds, where should you typically store them? Well, great places would be your fridge, basement, or freezer, as all the above factors are controllable. Just be sure to carry out extra effort, such as purchasing food-grade silica to keep seeds dry in the basement or ensuring the seeds are dry before freezing them. That way, they can last as long as you need them to!

Either way, if you’re planning to store a bunch of seeds for the long term, always keep the above three factors in mind. Ensuring the conditions are just right will keep your seeds alive for the long term, enabling you to invest in more seeds to grow for later!

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