identifying quality marijuana seeds

3 Effective Tips to identifying Quality Marijuana Seeds

Growing cannabis is one way to save money, ensure the health of cannabis plants, and even breed new strains with unique properties. While purchasing marijuana seeds and growing your own plants does come with a wide range of benefits, it’s crucial to identify quality cannabis seeds that are able to produce quality yield.

High-quality cannabis plants require a smooth interplay between nature and nurture. In other words, besides proper care and maintenance, the best cannabis plants also come from quality cannabis seeds with great genetics. Given that choosing the best seeds are crucial to growing healthy plants, how can you identify quality cannabis seeds? Here are some tips to help you distinguish them and grow the best cannabis plants:

Tip #1: Examine the Seeds’ Shapes and Sizes

Checking the shapes and sizes of the cannabis seeds is a great indicator of their quality. It helps if you can compare multiple seeds side by side—larger and more symmetrical seeds that are round or teardrop-shaped are typically the ideal seeds to plant. Make sure to plant seeds with smooth, uncracked shells. However, small and irregularly-shaped seeds are often immature and will not grow as healthy as the larger and more symmetrical ones.

Tip #2: Determine the Age of Your Seeds

The age of the seeds is an important factor in determining whether or not your plant will grow healthy. Immature seeds are not as likely to germinate compared to mature, healthy marijuana seeds. The germination rate of mature seeds also will decline over time, however, so seeds that are too old are also unlikely to germinate.

Examining the colour of the shells is also a good way to tell the age of your cannabis seeds. Healthy seeds often have a glossy appearance and are greyish or brown in colour. While speckles are normal in healthy, mature seeds, it’s important to make sure that your seeds don’t have any cracks in them. This is because seeds with soft, greenish shells are immature, while those that have a very dark colour and have a dull appearance are old and past their prime.

If you want to avoid purchasing immature seeds, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t buy marijuana seeds that have just recently been harvested. Similarly, you wouldn’t want to purchase ones that have been in storage for too long because they will likely be aged.

Tip #3: Only Purchase Seeds from Reputable Sources

One of the most important yet often-overlooked tips to acquiring top-quality cannabis seeds is to only purchase them from reputable sources. A reputable source will ensure that you get your money’s worth, as they only receive fresh, mature, and high-quality seeds that have the best chances of growing into healthy plants with bountiful harvests. Growing cannabis plants is a huge investment, so it’s best to do your research and look for sources that will offer you great value for your money.

Growing Cannabis Plants from Quality Seeds

It’s no secret that growing your own marijuana plants has a plethora of benefits, but it also requires a significant investment in time and effort on your end. Aside from taking proper care of your plant, choosing the best seeds is of utmost importance—so it’s best to keep the tips we’ve shared above in mind as you make your purchase!

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